Khudiram Bose Central College (Earlier Central College) has completed 121 years of its existence. This is indeed a special occasion in the long span of an institution that began its career in the last decade of 19th century and is now striving to reach new heights in this era of globalization, which allows existence of private institutions besides government or semi – government institutions. The college since its inception made some remarkable contribution to the society for the purpose of freedom fighting movement of the country. Now we have a rich past, a glorious present and a bright future.Khudiram Bose Central College is marching ahead with its motto of ‘self reliance’ and providing quality education to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status or physical health. In order to fulfil this objective, many developmental programmes were initiated during the preceding years keeping in tune with the changing scenario of education.

We believe in academic excellence of students and our teachers are well versed in the latest teaching methodologies to facilitate the students through their three years of under graduate learning. The various departments of the college arrange different seminars where subject experts come and interactive session are held. Even few departments of the college arranges student seminars and student classroom presentation in order to boost up their confidence level and personality development. The teachers, to enhance the interest of their students not only make classroom teaching interesting but also plan outdoor programmes like educational tours. I would also like to highlight the fact that we take into consideration the requirement of students beyond the scope of the syllabus. The Career and Placement cell and The Entry into Services Cell of the College play an active role in ensuring the students and making them familiar with jobs and career advancement through various training, workshops and campus interviews. Different institutions, reputed companies and expert resource persons come to the college and have a free interaction with the students.

The members of the college office are always ready to extend their help to the students. The central library of the college is well equipped with large number of books and journals for the use of students. There is a big reading room where students can sit and study. Besides many almost all departments of the college also have their own library wherefrom the students are also benefited. The college is also very much concerned about security to the students. Fire security device and CCTV have been installed in different parts of the college.

The college is not only keen about academic performance of a student but also is dedicated to ensure development of the humane qualities of a student. Service to society is not only enhanced but diligently and religiously practiced in this college. The NCC and NSS units of this college cater to this objective. Students learn to shoulder responsibility through community service and this helps them to grow as members of the society. Apart from academics, Sports is another area where the college ensures maximum students participation. The students under the efficient sports committee of the college not only participate but also secure winners and runners –up trophy in various competition held at university, district, state and national levels. The college is also the Post Graduate Centre of Directorate of Distance learning of Vidyasagar University.

It is worthwhile to mention that in the year 2013, the college celebrated the closing ceremony of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. On this occasion the college organised a seminar and published a book entitled “Bigyan Bhabnei Swami Vivekananda”. The inspiring thoughts of this prophet of modern spiritual renaissance are more relevant today than ever before. His electrifying message of the divinity of man for peace and harmony emerges out of his own realisation.

Though the best is still to be achieved. I feel proud to say that the success rate of the students is on the rise.

Wish all the students a very happy beginning of their Career.